Jonny Cruz


When a boy spends much of his childhood entertaining his family and friends, it's no wonder the stage starts to feel like home.  Since those auspicious beginnings in his parents' living room, the music of Jonny Cruz has grown into a melting pot of dance tunes, romantic ballads, edgy rock, and funk-driven tracks.

It is Jonny's hope that listeners will find the simple message in this music, the essence of his writing.  With an uncanny ability to find inspiration everywhere-- from life's most profound to the most mundane-- he conceptualizes his emotions and begins to write immediately.  Jonny defines the creative songwriting process in a single word: diligence.  

Of the track "Mahal", Jonny admits the writing process was intense.  Written in both Tagalog-- his native Filipino tongue-- and English, the song is both a love letter, and a tribute to his heritage.

As someone who is always thankful for the incredible opportunities presented to him, Jonny explains his desire to continue pursuing a career in music today.  "The thing about ambition," he says, "is finding the balance between being dissatisfied with what you've been given while still being grateful for all you have."  His re-emergence onto the music scene follows a brief hiatus from the recording studio and concerts.

On March 31st, 2010, Jonny Cruz came home to the stage once again, this time as an opening act for the Heartthrobs and Friends, Live In New York concert at the Manhattan Center, to a sold-out house.  This marks not the end of an arduous adventure following a dream, but the start of a journey for such a unique talent.
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